Split Mask for Musicians

I designed this pattern to accommodate a request from a local university band group to allow wind and brass instrument players to wear masks during performing. A lot of time was put into perfecting the size of the mask for comfort, and wear-ability during long hours of use.


Face Mask for Kids

Face Mask READY to SHIP - U.S.A. Made - Reversible Non-medical Cloth Mask - Children's Size

Memory Pillows

I've been making Memory Pillows since 2012 when I started Taea Made, and they continue to be one of my favorite items to make! Being able to preserve people's memories is why I love up-cycling!


North Dakota Graphic T-Shirt

New North Dakota geographic graphic t-shirts. Other products offered with this fun new design as well!

2016-08-07 21.54.46.jpg

What's In A Name?

I've been asked many times what the name Taea Made is all about. My answer is always this: it's a combination of several different words that have personal significance to my husband and me. After playing around with different combinations, it was our favorite choice. And Taea Made was born! Even the type of bird in the logo has personal meaning to us.



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